Nuclear South West Interactive Map

To view the companies that are part of the Nuclear South West cluster, use the interactive map tools:
  • Use the plus (+) icon at the bottom right hand corner of the map to zoom in and the minus (-) icon to zoom out
  • Use the FILTER button at the top right hand corner of the map to filter the search results by ‘Companies’, ‘Licenced Sites’, ‘Major Research and Development (R&D) and Skills Assets’ and ‘Travel and Logistics’. Tick the box you wish to filter by and then click the blue DONE button.
  • You can enter a specific company in the Search bar at the top of the map
  • You can click on the blue and orange cluster icons to see the companies that are present within that region
  • On the left hand toolbar, all companies are listed, you can click on them to to see their location and address via Google Maps. To see more companies, use the scrolling arrow tools (< >) to move between pages on this toolbar.

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