The EFINOR group has signed major contract for the Hinkley Point C EPR

In October 2017, EFINOR signed the contract for the design, manufacturing and installation of the 2 main control rooms, the simulator and the six adjacent rooms of the 2 units at the Hinkley Point C EPR, at Bridgwater in Somerset for EDF Energy Nuclear New Build (NNB).

This New Engineering Contract valued at £20 million has been awarded to the consortium EFINOR & CLEMESSY, the EFINOR group will take the lead of the contract which will covers 4 years of design studies, 4 years of manufacturing and 5 years of on-site erection and will create job opportunities in France and the UK. EFINOR is in charge of the design, installation, testing and commissioning works for the steel structures and layout.

CLEMESSY is in charge of the design, installation, testing and commissioning works for the electricity / monitoring & control package. This project allows CLEMESSY Nucléaire to gain a foothold in the nuclear market in England and to launch the development of the subsidiary CLEMESSY UK.

As a global project provider EFINOR’s extensive supply chain and subcontractors will be used to deliver this project. EFINOR Limited will be a key player in delivering the project with office strategically positioned in Bristol, close to the Hinkley Point C site and NNB offices.

Thanks to an extensive experience and knowledge of mechanical and seismic studies, project management and manufacturing for the Nuclear Industry, the consortium between EFINOR and CLEMESSY has already designed, manufactured and installed the Main Control Room on the Flamanville 3 EPR. EFINOR was a key supplier on Taishan EPRs Main Control Room.

These major nuclear projects won by EFINOR and CLEMESSY bilingual and multicultural work teams have strengthened their skills and knowledge which are key-values on the HPC project.