Nuclear South West is a public-private partnership with many organisations involved in making the cluster a success.


Nuclear South West is a partnership of industry, academic and public sector, set up to champion the South West nuclear industry as the premier destination for investment, innovation and growth.

It is strongly supported by the Heart of the South West, West of England and GFirst Local Enterprise Partnerships, in recognition of the South West’s unique potential for transformational growth in the nuclear sector.

The two halves of Nuclear South West are led by different organisations and involve many partners who are all committed to supporting the industry.

The Industry Network is a not-for-profit organisation powered by Business West.

The Stakeholder Alliance Group is managed by Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) on behalf of the West of England and GFirst LEPs, with involvement from a number of public sector and strategic organisations.


Nuclear South West’s mission is to position the South West nuclear industry at the centre of the global nuclear arena by driving productivity and growth.

We will ensure that the South West is recognised for its capability in the nuclear industry, is able to grow that ability, and that businesses in the region achieve a large percentage of the work coming from the opportunities in the nuclear industry over the next 20 years.


  • Sustain and grow existing businesses, plus help new ones to start and others to relocate

  • Connect businesses and stakeholders locally, regionally, nationally and internationally through our own private sector network and by working with other networks and clusters.

  • Focus on the South West’s strengths and unique propositions

  • Showcase our world-class skills and research and development facilities

  • Provide a strong voice for the South West nuclear industry

  • Influence Government to invest in the South West’s nuclear capacity and support ground breaking research, development and innovation.

Why is Nuclear South West important?

Our research has shown that there are £50billion worth of opportunities in the nuclear industry within 75 miles of the south west.

Hinkley Point C (HPC) will be the first new nuclear power station in the UK for a generation, capable of generating 7% of the UK’s total energy requirement. Over 60% of the project’s £20billion construction value is predicted to go to UK companies. The project will create 25,000 job opportunities, 1,000 apprenticeships and will pump £100m/year in to the regional economy.

However, the two new reactors at HPC mark only the beginning of a significant rolling programme of investment in nuclear power right across the UK. In the south west this includes Oldbury, Gloucestershire, as a planned site for 2-3 further reactors to be built by Horizon Nuclear Power. Nationally investment in new nuclear power stations could raise UK GDP by over £5billion, and increase nuclear industry exports by nearly £900million.

Combined with the investment in two new nuclear power stations, the south west is also home to the South West Nuclear Research Hub – a partnership between Bristol and Oxford Universities; and the new National College for Nuclear; as well as more recent investments in the Somerset Energy Innovation Centre in Bridgwater and the Berkeley Green University Technical College.

We have many of the ingredients in place to create the conditions for transformational growth in the nuclear industry in the south west.

Nuclear South West is important:

-          TO THE REGION – because we have unparalleled ‘first mover’ advantage to capitalise on the UK’s new nuclear build programme

-          TO THE UK – because we are leading a global renaissance in nuclear power. Getting it right in the south west will demonstrate the UK’s pre-eminence in the global nuclear marketplace.

If we fail, nuclear power stations will still get built, but the majority of the supply chain and much of the workforce will be sourced outside the UK and we will have missed our opportunity to raise productivity and fix the foundations of a leading UK industry.