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Response to the Energy Security Strategy from Nuclear South West

The publication of the Energy Security Strategy today, places nuclear power at the centre of the UK’s net zero targets, underlining the key role that the sector can play in the drive towards a balanced and reliable energy grid for the UK.
Stefan Cecchini, Vice Chairman, Nuclear South West said:

“We welcome today’s publication of the government’s Energy Security Strategy which details the government’s confidence in nuclear power as part of the UK’s future response to growing concerns around energy security.

“We have the delivery capacity, the skills, and the track record to ensure that our region is superbly placed to deliver the ambitions set out in the strategy today. This includes embracing the government’s levelling-up scheme in our plans to support cross-union activities for future nuclear projects.

“The South West is a vibrant nuclear cluster of collaborative partners covering innovation, skills and business support in place. We are already delivering at Hinkley Point C which builds on a history of nuclear generation in the area, which has employed thousands of people dating back to the 1960s.

“Our clear message to government is that we need to rapidly move from strategy to delivery. We stand ready to support a new wave of nuclear energy provision to support the government in its move towards a net zero secure energy future.”