Collaboration Opportunities

We work with other clusters around the world, as well as other services designed to connect companies to opportunities for collaboration. Opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures and other forms of collaboration are listed here.



 Five companies from the Neopolia cluster in France are planning to visit Bridgwater on 17th April. They are interested in meeting British companies open to collaboration. The companies include Alynox, ATS, Mecareso and OPS. This part of a wider interest from all companies in the cluster If you are interested in exploring collaboration with these companies on the 17th April, or with any of the other companies in the cluster, please get in touch with us.

Neopolia company list

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epc contractor wanted

An EEN client outside the UK is looking for a UK engineering, procurement and commissioning contractor to install and commission the building of a new manufacturing plant. 

This is not a nuclear opportunity, but we think there may be some companies in nuclear who have the expertise they need. This client has developed an innovative straw pulp process and now would like to complete the process design, pilot upgrade and engineering work to prepare for the purchase and installation of the first commercial production plant.


Nuclear Institute Digital Special interest group

A key goal of this group is to provide a significant forum for industry-leading debate and ideas to promote and drive cohesive Digital development across all aspects of the nuclear industry. If you are a company with relevant expertise, it would be great to hear from you.



If you are a company based in the South West, and are interested in Hinkley Point C, please ensure that you have registered on the HPC portal. Collaborative opportunities connected to the new nuclear build at Hinkley are managed by the Hinkley Supply Chain Programme, so make sure you don't miss out.